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Hatsuharu Sohma is 15 and the Ox of the Zodiac. Haru has something of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde complex related to the Ox's personality. He is usually calm and placid as the White Haru, like the Ox is usually calm and placid, but can be goaded into "stampeding", the Black Haru, where he could be edgy, mean and slightly oversexed.

Unlike Kagura Sohma who is completely clueless when she transforms to her violent side, White Haru is conscious during his "black" transformation, but is unable to do anything about it. He just either apologizes or ignores the situation. He's somewhat an interesting character. Additionally, Haru has a rather bad sense of direction.

He has a bicycle but got lost somewhere in his travels. Haru likes to make fun of Kyo passively and wants to fight with him on a regular basis. This all started when he was little. He held a grudge against Yuki. People in his family always made fun of him about how the cow was stupid and let the rat used the him. This made him mad, so mad that he developed a black personality. He soon had forgiven Yuki Sohma after he knew him better.

Haru is mostly seen wearing rockish attire, like biker clothes. It's so sad. He only rides a bicycle because he's not old enough to ride a motorcycle.


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The Blog of Hatsuharu Sohma...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

to won for this two one four

I didn't get anything today. But I wasn't depressed or anything. On the other hand, Kagura-neesan sounded really down when she called me for no reason. That's when she spilled the secret that Rin-chan couldn't give me my chocolates today. She's giving them tomorrow. I asked what was wrong with Kagura-neesan, like why she called, she just said that there was no one at Shigure's today.

I think I know what might've happened.

I was feeling bad too. I mean, knowing that it's Valentine's day, I should have something for Rin-chan. But since she said that I'll get chocolates tomorrow, I'm planning that it should be a date. It's not supposed be only her that's giving the treat. I'm all up to it. A date. It's been a long while since our last date anyway. Should I make it special or simple?

Would it really matter?

unleashed the feeling at 9:10 PM

Friday, November 09, 2012

in his own world

Momiji kept spacing out today. When we were at school, the teacher called out for his name, but it took about four seconds for him to respond. The same thing happened during the next period and when we were having lunch. He's just out of himself. 'Maybe he's becoming senile.' is what Kyo said while we were walking to Shigure's house. Then the rabbit decided to drop by.

Tohru-san was surprised when she found out the visitors that evening. I'm not even sure what I'm doing at Shigure's house. Actually, I thought Momiji wanted to sleep over, but his dad picked us up around 10pm. Tohru-san was really surprised at that time.

It's about 11pm now. I don't know what Oji-san is doing in the living room with Momiji. I guess it's important. Maybe they want to kick me out?

unleashed the feeling at 11:03 PM

Sunday, June 24, 2012

and so I shall sleep now.

Me and Momiji were bored one Saturday and so we decided to visit Shigure's house. Momiji had this ulterior motive that was so obvious, he was carrying a knapsack with him. I feel like he's just bored to stay at home and wants to have another sleepover. It looks like another sleepover.

I guessed right. It's a sleepover.

Everyone hardly slept. We played cards all night and different games. Momiji and Tohru struggled to stay up while keeping up with our movie marathon. Kyo kept complaining about every character on each movie. It was annoying. It was also annoying that Yuki couldn't say any comment about anything. He's just a complete poker face all night.

Momiji secretly brought a canister of whip with him and dared to use it on the first person to sleep. 3am and everyone was still awake. Sort of. When everyone was almost tired, Tohru decided to sleep first on her room, which was a good move. About half an hour passed, Momiji passed out. Only I knew about the whip cream, so I took it out and quietly sprayed cream on his face. Yuki went to bed afterwards. But me and Kyo were stubborn. No one wanted to back down. The only thing I remember afterwards was hearing Tohru say "Good mornin-- Kya!" and then I hear "Ha! I win!", Kyo falls on the kotatsu face first. I saw Tohru's surprised face when she saw Momiji and I knew I passed out first.

It's funny Momiji brought scrabbles when he's always at the last place. He couldn't even get first place in our card games.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of cereal around 4am. Kyo was telling me off that it's a bad idea to eat cold cereal at four in the morning. Kyo says that I'll have a very bad stomach ache. Honestly, he was just telling me off since there's not much milk left in the fridge. And for all I know, he just wanted my cereal.

Good thing no one's asked me about Rin-chan. We haven't been in contact for two weeks. We're not fighting. I hope not.

I thought we'd find Shigure home, but it's a pleasant surprise that he's back working. Apparently, something good might have happened while everyone was busy.

We slept over and went back home Sunday evening. Actually, Momiji was insisting to sleepover until Monday. I mean, we'd stay there and go to school from Shigure's house at Monday morning. Not until Momiji's dad called him and said to go home.

unleashed the feeling at 11:26 PM

Sunday, February 26, 2012

lost in paralysis

When nightmares strike me hard, I would always look for your hand. In a blink of an eye, a flash of longing strike me daunting; don't go far away from me for I need you. Bracing, tossing and turning, I couldn't go back to sleep from the haunting. I'm hoping for a miracle, your touch of escape. This slope is steeper than anyone can imagine. Break my fall. Because I miss you. Such a simple thought, a simple request, but how come I couldn't find you? My side is empty and this desolate feeling is creeping around me. I need my rest, love; I'm tired and weary. Come to me. For if not, I will come to you. I am desperate for the cure. Half' my heart is aching. Half' the time it's breaking. I can't think of any other remedy. Can't you hear how I ail? My arms are waiting. Save me.

unleashed the feeling at 3:37 PM

Sunday, October 23, 2011

a secret?

Running and always in motion.
Tossing and turning, figuring out whether to let go.
I'm losing my head.
Is it a stroke?
Is it a heart attack?
It's hard to breathe.

You know the reason.
Whatever others say,
only the two of us know.
But right now, I'm going crazy.

Am I going to listen to my head
when it's so confused,
when it couldn't think straight?
Or am I just going to sway
along with your heartbeat?
Will I just hope that I wouldn't get hurt?
That everything is going to be fine afterwards?
Perhaps I'll just close my eyes and swing along,
while you're there.

Going away.
Then coming back.
Sometimes you embrace me.
Sometimes you kiss me.
But whenever I say goodbye, I feel regret.
So everytime I see you, I want to be beside you.

Only the two of us know.
But I don't know what to choose.
Besides, can I trust what my mind is telling me?
Should I supress the love that I know is true?

I'll sway along with your heartbeat
And hope that I will not get hurt.
I'll close my eyes
And everything will be all right.

As your heart beats, my heart will beat with it.
And we'll create harmony.
Even if it's in secrecy.
Because only the two of us know.
But for how long?

I'm so confused.
Please help me.
I don't know what I'm going to do.
Who should I listen to?
I don't like this.
I'm so confused.

unleashed the feeling at 7:46 PM

Saturday, May 07, 2011

don't be a romantic girly man!

I'm back saving in the Sohma Hotsprings. Kagura-neesan joins us together this time. I think there's Ritsu, Kagura-neesan, Rin-chan and me working here. Kagura-neesan is saving for college tuition too. For the most part, she's saving because she wants to have the latest cellphone. You know, those wide screen things with touch-screen? The plan having that phone costs a fortune. I don't know why she'd want something expensive.

When I left to take a break without Rin-chan, it was really boring. I didn't know that being away from work would kill me. Let me rephrase, when I left the hotspring without Rin-chan, I almost died because there was nothing to do. I'm happy to be back.

Kagura-neesan seems to miss Kyo as well. It's pissing me off how she always talk about her when we're working. She's made friends with the other female part-timers in the hotspring. And when I'm with Kagura-neesan and her 'friends' she goes on a gabfest about Kyo. It makes me sick. I don't want to get involved in their girl time. She's making me look like a sissy.

'Kyo is so awesome, neh? Kyo is wonderful! I love him, love love, aishiteru, Kyo! Kyo here! Kyo there! I love it when he's angry, he's so cute! Kawaii neh, Haru?! BLEAGH. I could vomit anytime soon. She always thinks about Kyo. How annoying.

Sigh. I wonder what Rin-chan is doing right now.

unleashed the feeling at 3:23 PM